Reaper of Souls: Credit Card Warriors Mourn

Greetings, nephalem. Today we’re taking a look at the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls expansion. I’d be lying if I said I often review games like I’m going to review this. But I feel so strongly about this title, both you and Blizzard deserve it.

I died a lot, it was fantastic. I did not die as hard as the Auction House. That being said, the game really brings me back now. Back to a time when there was only one way to get gear: Play the damn game, and have fun dying a lot. Huge improvement here.

Launch: When the game went live for players in North America, we all sort of expected a lot of lag, disconnects, and issues. That’s just the name of the ‘game’ for most of us, it comes with the territory of being a first-in player. To my delight, it was nearly flawless. I hit one very small lag spike, and saw a disconnection issue with the chat service. Just the chat? Awesome, take it. Because I’ve got playing to do anyway.

Visuals: Now on to the meat! Fresh of course, Mr. Butcher. Jumping into Act V was great. A simple transition that not only introduced me to new demons to kill, but immediately started satisfying that lore thirst most Diablo players have. This act is a work of art, really it is! I don’t say that about many games, but the environment brought me to my own little world. The city ablaze, running through a maze of activated doors and elevated platforms. It’s all so beautiful and I really recommend playing through Act V with cinematics on, and sound up.


The Flesh Shaman you’ll encounter might sound like a scantily clad Thrall on ecstasy, but I assure you it’s far from.


Bosses:¬†The new fights are awesome. I promise. I don’t want to say too much for those who haven’t beaten it yet, but for the first time in years I found myself challenged and dead, but not discouraged. Well played, Blizzard. I think you’ve done a great job with the new fights and events. Especially those damn furnaces. Not once did I see a mechanic or encounter in Act V and think “Meh, I’ve seen that before”.


Urzael and I spend some time comparing sticks.

Adventure Mode: This rules, plain and simple. You jump in, complete objectives, and get rewards. Sounds repetitive, but fear not! They are dynamic. When you get five objectives complete, you’ll have a total of five Rift Keystone Fragments which will allow you to open a Nephalem Portal. When I first entered the portal I was unsure of where I was in the game, or even which act. Upon progressing I found they pieced together different ‘farm’ areas through several different levels. This entirely new-to-Reaper of Souls game mode is absolutely fantastic. No longer will you be required to farm specific spots, or choose a quest to farm on. Just jump in and hack it up.


Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Loot and items in general: Previously, the health potions that you’d receive as drops differed depending on the difficulty of your game. Now there’s only one health potion which restores a flat 60% of your total health. Oh, and you don’t need to click potions to grab them now, just walk ¬†over them like gold! The legendaries are much better. Most of the time a legendary item is better than a rare, which previously was not the case. Both of these changes just make sense. Great improvements, as simplistic as they may be.

There are a few things new to Reaper of Souls that I won’t really be covering. Sorry, but I think this game needs to be played. Grab yourself a copy, level up, and save the world once again… [box color=’gray, red, green, blue, yellow’ float=’center’ text_align=’left’ width=’100%’ margin_top=” margin_bottom=”]and I can’t believe Diablo escaped, what the Hell.[/box]

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